National Roofing Corporation was re-established in 1968 by N. Thomas (Tom) Everett with one truck and two helpers. National Roofing was originally started by Mr. Everett’s grandfather in 1935 and operated the business until he retired in 1965. Tom asked for his grandfather’s permission to use the name National Roofing for his new roofing contracting business. Tom knew his grandfather chose the name National Roofing because of the National Roofing Contractors Association’s commitment to quality work. Members of the NRCA are required to adhere to strict standards of quality workmanship and high levels of service.

Formed in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia (Norfolk-Virginia Beach metro area), National Roofing started out small by doing residential shingle work. From the very beginning, one of the trademarks of National Roofing was Tom’s dedication to professionalism. National Roofing’s vehicles are always clean and very well kept. In fact today, National Roofing’s fleet gets compliments from customers, suppliers, and even other roofing companies as being the most beautiful and best looking trucks on the East Coast.

During the 70’s, the company slowly grew and branched out into commercial roofing. Tom’s wife Barbara helped to run the business from the garage of their home. In 1977, Mr. Everett made a move that proved to be very beneficial to the future of his business. He decided to stop doing “hot work”, i.e. tar and gravel built up roofs, and to start doing white PVC membrane roofs. These roofs are mechanically fastened (screwed to the roof deck) and are much cleaner and less dangerous than traditional built-up roofs. At the time, this was a very drastic move because the PVC products were brand new while built-up roofs had a history of over 100 years.

During the late 1970’s, National Roofing was one of only a handful of companies on the East Coast who were installing PVC roofs. The 1980’s saw a period of huge growth for National Roofing. The country was coming out of the recession, and the Hampton Roads area experienced an incredible building surge. In 1982, National Roofing moved into their new office and warehouse space with over 20,000 square feet of space. In 1988, a second warehouse was built behind the first which added 10,000 additional square feet. This was also the time when the membrane roofing system became an industry standard, and because of Mr. Everett’s foresight, National Roofing was already recognized as the leading roofing company in the area for installation and service of all membrane based roofing systems. During this time, National Roofing also became recognized as a leader in the area of metal roofing including structural and decorative metal roofs.

During 1990’s, National Roofing expanded once again, adding additional 10,000 square foot warehouse attached to the back of the warehouse built in 1988. Also during this time, Mr. Everett slowly reduced his responsibilities within the business. His brother, Alex Hedger was named President and took over the duties of managing the labor force. His son, Sandy Everett, returned to National Roofing as Treasurer after a short career as a stockbroker. Sandy took over the duties of running the day-to-day operations of the business including the financial management of the corporation. Tom's close friend of 40 years, Paul McClenney, is the Senior Vice President and handles the larger commercial projects and helps to cultivate and maintain our relationships with the area’s General Contractors. Paul has been with Tom at National Roofing since the very beginning. Claude Hedger (also Tom’s younger brother) graduated to Sales position after 25 years as a roofer and crew leader at National Roofing. Another of Tom’s close friends, Levy Rowland, was hired to become a Salesman as well as the Quality Control Inspector for the corporation. Levy worked at National Roofing during the late 60’s, throughout the 70’s, and the early 80’s before returning in 1997.

Today, National Roofing is one of the largest roofing contractors in Virginia as well as the Mid-Atlantic Region. The next generation of the family have started to take a larger role in the business. Alex's two sons, Steven and Chris Hedger, are now working as Estimators after several years of working in the field and running crews. Even Tom's grandchildren are helping out. Mitchell Everett has been working in the warehouse during his summer breaks, and his sister, Olivia Everett, has been helping out in the office during her summer breaks.

What does the future hold for National Roofing? Well, as business continues to grow in this new millennium, there are several new roofing products being developed that will last longer, withstand storms better, and help to better insulate your home or business. As always, National Roofing will be on the “cutting edge” by researching and testing these new products before other companies even hear about them. With the family and close friends that Tom has entrusted to run the business, National Roofing will continue to strive for quality workmanship while keeping the personal service that only a family owned and operated business can provide well into the next century.